Welcome to Bouchard Family Farms

About Us

Our journey began when our son joined Future Farmers of America (FFA) at Buchanan Middle School.  Anthony (Tony) Bouchard made a deal with his 

Grandfather, Joe Bouchard, Sr. that if he worked for his Grandfather during the summers, his Grandfather would help him get a cow to raise and show in the Florida State Fair.  

After some help from his parents and guidance from his FFA teachers, "Amber," Tony's first cow, went on to place 1st and Overall Grand Champion at the Fair.

She has had three calves and is currently pregnant with her fourth. 

Amber gave birth to her beautiful babies at Gaither High School in Tampa, FL In front of dozens of students and educators.  Students learned the basics of animal husbandry and the Bouchard children have gone on to learn the ins and outs of dairy cattle.  

Some eight years later when faced with selling selling our cows, the unique opportunity arose for us to move out of our upper class neighborhood in Tampa to a small farm just fifteen minutes away in Land O' Lakes, FL. 

Our cows have four beautiful acres of green pasture to graze on all day.  We provide them with all of the high quality horse hay they can eat.  We also feed them a custom blend of dairy feed while in the milking stall.  This will ensure their nutritional intake as they are each currently producing up to eight gallons of fresh milk daily.

Please keep in mind that it is against Florida law to sell unpasteurized dairy products for human consumption. 

     ALL of our dairy products are sold and labeled for pet consumption only.